Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am not a mouse.

Do you hear that? Listen. No seriously. It's the sound of typing!

Oh how good it feels to be writing again! For a few months I was in such a hazy fog. Then the other day I picked up the short story I'm working on (unrelated to the current novel) and actually got a decent few pages done! It's not much but it is a start, even if it's not on my main project.

Speaking of the Harrowing, I feel so close to being finished yet so far. I still do not have a cover made, but I've opted out of photoshop, and will instead be taking *actual* photographs. I think that will make the cover have a more natural feel. Organic feel....whatever. More real.

I feel like I've gotten unstuck from a glue trap after being trapped for awhile, and I'm still getting bits of glue off my hands.

I really like analogies.

Anyway it's great to get back to my characters who I have missed dearly. Weird, maybe but I made them, and will continue to allow them to grow and surprise me when I'm least expecting it. That's the great thing about writing; sure you made them, and you created their world, but they start doing things on their own, and things can happen (whether good or bad) that you never saw coming.

So that's where I'm at right now. Slowly inching my way closer and closer to that finish line. Ugh running analogies. I'm not good at running. I've got lots of great things lined for book two *and* three but getting there is the problem. I'm still stuck on Chapter One of book two. But at least it and book three already have titles right?

Monday, November 7, 2011

And the wall came crumbling down

See that? It's a stone wall. It's nice and level on top; the shape of the rocks aren't perfect but they fit together pretty nicely to hold the whole thing up.

And this one? A similar stone wall....falling apart.

Since when did my life come crashing down around me?

How did I end up in this....weird predicament, one I didn't see coming but probably should have. I've never been good at looking too far into the future. I'm more of a here and now kinda girl. I guess I better start fixing that.

My writing has taken a major hit. This is important to me but family problems are more important, and have to be my priority, as hard as that is. Recent events have shaken up my brain and entire way of life.

All I can do is get out some cement and start putting those rocks back together, even if they don't look as nice as they did when the wall was first built.

I'm no constructionist (is that a word?) and I'm not very strong but I have to do the best I can.

I get fulfilment from lots of things, not just from family; yes that's the most important one but I'm allowed to have things I like outside of my home. I think it's healthy to have that kind of escape. I like networking, I like writing, I like talking to people who have similar interests as me and can give me ideas/tip for my writing. I don't have anyone in person who I can really talk to about this kind of stuff, so online I go. Not everyone understands that, and that's okay.

Back to my crumbling stone wall.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Kiss

I spent the rest of my afternoon in the Wild Vines Forest. I was not really in the mood for dueling trees as I often was so instead I lied down in the grass and watched the goings on of the trees. I could barely see the splashes of blue sky through the thick leaves, but still the rays of sun managed to shine their way through. The grass was cool, and soft; I felt as though I could sleep for hours. Indeed I must have because when I opened my eyes next the rays of sun had shifted downward. It was not dark but I knew that it was near dinnertime.

I sat up, brushing out a bit of soil from my hair and off my back.

“You seemed so at peace,” said a deep voice. I shot up from the ground, drawing the little dagger I kept in my boot. Wolff Lairveaux put his hands in front of him in defense. “I did not mean to startle you, Princess,” he said slyly. I lowered my dagger and he put his hands at his side.

“What are you doing out here? No one else comes out here.” I was genuinely shocked to see him standing in my glen. How long had he been watching me sleep?

“I told your father I was going back to my estate,” he said, slowly walking nearer to me. “I saw you head in the direction of the forest, and so I made my way here after leaving through your castle’s entrance.”

I put my hands on my hips. “I easily could have guessed as such. I mean, why are you here? I’m afraid I’ve left my weapons in the armory so we cannot have a rematch.”

“Ah, I see. I will consider myself thwarted once again then.” He had been taking small steps in my direction, and suddenly the space between us could have fit a very small person. I took a step back in return but he did not take one forward. “No matter, though,” he said, turning around and facing the gazebo. “This is lovely; the vines, do these grow naturally?” Wolff began circling it, touching his fingers to the intertwining green and brown rope-like vines. “I like what your father has done with it. The pillars are just right in number; the shape of the roof turned out very nice. Your father wanted a square top but I suggested a domed top. And these,” he said, reaching up to the top of a pillar to the right of the entry, touching the carved-out leaves that protruded from the stone, “I suggested these. I thought they would add a natural woodsy feel.” I didn’t say a word; I was not aware that he had helped my father with my gazebo.

He saw me scrutinizing him, and saw my perplexed expression. “It was his idea of course, you being the beautiful young daughter of a great King. I just gave him a few suggestions that would improve its appearance, and hopefully please you. They have pleased you, I assume?”

I didn’t know what to say. “The gazebo pleases me, but more so the thought my father put into it pleases me; your suggestion are of no consequence to me.”

“Is that because you do not like my contributions, or because you do not like me? I cannot possibly believe it is the second.”

“The gazebo is beautiful, Wolff,” I said, making my way closer to him. “I think the domed roof compliments the natural surroundings of the glen, and the carved leaves are an exceptional touch. I spend a lot of time here, in fact.” I was now standing in the little entry of the gazebo on the second step so I could meet his height. Once again the space between us was minimal.

“I am disappointed then. I was so sure…” he trailed off. I realized then that my heart was thrashing in my chest; I thought he could certainly hear it. At that moment he leaned in, put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to his face; his lips met mine and for a moment I was unable to react, but somehow I unfroze myself. Heat radiated from my face throughout my whole body, and I thought I must still be asleep, having a magnificent dream. 

Wolff pulled away and put his mouth to my ear. “Meet me at the edge of my estate, just after dark,” he whispered. He left me standing there as he mounted Vapele; his face was frozen with his usual hard expression. He disappeared into the trees and the sound of galloping faded quickly. I stood in the entry of the gazebo unsure of what had just happened. I did however know one thing—I would have to sneak out of the castle as stealthily as possible in just a few hours.