Main Characters

Vyla  Kaie Mount-Joy: the protagonist, femme fatale, damsel in distress, and hero of my story. She is not your average princess, much to the frustration of her controlling and often over-bearing mother, Lucia. Her hobbies include horseback riding and sword fighting with her best friend and son of a Lord, Jameson, with whom she is nearly forced into marriage. When tragedy strikes, she must take on a role she never wished, and overcome her own detrimental infatuation with an older, charming man.

Jameson Hunter Ghallager: Vyla's handsome best friend. Everyone loves him, including Vyla...she just doesn't know it yet. He teaches her how to sword fight and shares in her dislike for his pretentious younger sister. Although he is unable to tell her how he truly feels about her, he is always at her side to offer support through difficult times; until he meets another, that is.

Wolff Lairveaux: The "older, charming man" Vyla falls for. A close friend of her father, and Lord of his own estate, Wolff is mysterious and quiet, and holds more skeletons in his armoire than one ought to. He proves to Vyla that they can be together, despite his questionable past. Surely Vyla's mother and father would also approve? Perhaps not. Wolff manages to hold Vyla's attention despite the great loss she suffers, and despite who was behind it all.

Corvin Bane Salvatore: Yet another mysterious handsome man. A foreigner, in more ways than one, he comes to Vyla in unusual circumstances, yet they form an unexpected friendship. He guards Vyla from danger, and from herself at times. He has vowed his life to her and intends to keep his promises, no matter how foolish she acts at times. Even though he is friendlier with the ladies of the royal estate, he only has eyes for Vyla.

Oliver Vian Mount-Joy: Oliver is Vyla's youngest brother. A boy of only five, he is forced into schoolwork by his mother. He is not allowed to play outside with the other children or become dirty. All this changes when Vyla is in charge. Given the freedom he deserves, Oliver stays close to his sister, feeling most the most safe and secure when they are together. Vyla is afraid of leaving him alone, and ensures he always has someone to watch over him.

Less than Main Characters

Victor Kane and Lucia Noelle Mount-Joy: The king and queen of the country of Ronahn, living on their estate in the village of Ashehille. King Victor is beloved by his people; he kind, fair, generous but also strict; his men, both guards and knights, are highly disciplined. He spends most of his time with this eldest son, Logan, training and teaching him in the ways of a king, as well as travelling to nearby villages. Together, he and his wife share a secret that only Wolff Lairveaux knows.

Queen Lucia spends her time inside the castle with their youngest son, Oliver.  She considers herself a proper woman, but is utterly and continually frustrated that she remains unable to convince Vyla to act like the princess she ought to. She also has a secret of her own, one that she has kept for many years from King Victor, one that Vyla will soon discover.

Logan Nash Mount-Joy:  Logan is Vyla's older brother, and heir to their father's throne. He enjoys sword fighting with the knights and hunting in the woods. He is witty and handsome, and well-liked by his father's people, who will become his own someday. Jameson was once his best friend, until Vyla made her way between them. Unlike his sister, Logan is not pressured to find a proper companion, but it matters not; he has already found one.

Lord Silas and Lady Ghallager:Jameson's mother and father, and Lord and
Lady of their own estate in the village of Covington. Silas is King Victor's oldest and most trusted friend; he is joyful and always has a smile on his face. He travels with the King often to pick up new swords and armor for his men. He supports the royal family through difficult times.

Adelle is a kind, warm and loving wife and mother. Vyla is perhaps closer to her than she is with her own mother.