Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite holiday!

Today is the holiday I look forward to the most: Halloween aka Samhain. It's my one day to dress like the person I wish I could be for a few hours, drink and dance like a fool (a sexy fool, of course!) So in honor I'd like to present some of my favorite scary movies!

1. Interview with the Vampire. This is actually my favorite movie ever made, and has been since I was twelve (I still had five years to go until I was "old" enough to watch it.) It is (loosely) based off of Anne Rice's novel of the same name. She is also my most favorite author of all time, and I would break down crying if I ever met her.

2. Insidious. I saw this movie recently and it scared the hell out of me, and my boyfriend (he turned on the light!). I *love* genuinely scary movies, not those cheesy dumb remakes with terrible acting. Demons? Check. Scary kid? Check. Family torn apart due to previous? Check. 

3. Haunting in Connecticut. Yet another movie that scared the bejeesus out of me. I thought the story line was unique, and it's not often the haunting is done by creatures that aren't evil. Another kid, another family. Well done and terrifying.

4. Okay this one isn't scary, but it's my favorite zombie movie! Gory, funny and it might make you jump. I just love it.


5. Speaking of zombies, check out Walking Dead, a zombiepocalypse show on AMC. It's gory, scary but has real heart and emotion. I cry almost every episode. That's what makes it so different than most zombie movies, is that you actually care about the people (unlike movies like Dawn of the Dead or Land of the Dead, which are still awesome zombie movies). Season 2 has just started and I highly recommend. 

There you have it! A few of my Halloween movie selections. Of course there's more: The Saw movies are entertaining, Paranormal Activity is good for a few jumps, or you could get some older ones like Blair Witch or The Grudge, if you like to make fun of "scary" movies. Do you have any you like? Let me know!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 21, 2011

So close...but so far.

So just this morning I finished the second round of edits for the Harrowing, but I'm *still* not done. Still! I have to format, add a prologue, somehow get a cover made and who knows what other little steps there are. I started writing last year during Christmas break so this has taken me nearly a year. I have two sequels still to write; this is turnng into a very long process. But it's been rewarding; getting to use my imaginatin and creativity is fantastic.

That said *deep breath* here is an excerpt from chapter one. This is the first time I've ever put it online. *cringes* Be gentle.


I was lying awake in bed, unable to sleep, when I heard hushed voices, the stifle of a high-pitched laugh. I listened for a moment but my curiosity overtook me and I got out of bed, putting on my evening robe and stepping into the hall. I held my breath and searched in the darkness. I knew the night guards roamed this area, as all of our bedchambers were in this wing. I heard the whispers again, and I slowly padded forward, avoiding the torches against the wall so as to stay in the darkness.
            The voices were coming from my mother and father’s chamber; it disturbed me considering my father was travelling and not due back for another few days. As I approached, I could hear my mother. The torch behind me, just one of several that lined the corridor, let me see into her doorway. I hid behind a stone pillar, out of sight. My mother stood in her doorway and a shadowy figure was in front of her. His back was to me. He must have been wearing dark clothes and had dark hair because I could see nothing else. He was leaning in close to her face.
            “You must go,” my mother whispered, but her tone indicated she did not really want him to leave. “If you do not, I’ll just want you to come back inside.” Ah, there was the wish.
            “And would that be such a bad thing?” the man asked, his deep voice matching his dark appearance.
            My mother laughed. I normally found her laugh to be rather musical and pleasant, but this was different. It was melted with desire. “Mmmm goodness, no,” she said. Then her face went out of view as the man leaned in and kissed her. When her face reappeared, it was obvious she was staring into his eyes. The expression she wore sickened me. “But you know how it is, and has always been.”
            “I will return then, when the time comes. When you are in need of my company,” the man said.
            “I don’t just need you, you know. I may be lonely without my King here, but you know of my feelings.”
            “Until next time it will be then, my dear. My Queen,” said the man, bowing slightly low. He turned, walking down the hall, and as he did, I caught part of his face; his eyes. The torch gave me enough light to see the pools of ocean in his face.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Closer.

A few nights ago I wrote the last words of the epilogue in the Harrowing. "I wouldn't lose him again." The moment I was finished, I was like, Oh that's it! That's the end! And wasn't. I rewrote the last two paragraphs. And I still felt like it wasn't quite right, but that's what editing is for! Which is where I am now. Each chapter has been edited once, but lightly. Now I'm getting round 2 started and it's a lot more tedious. It's a constant refining, which is good because it helps the story flow better, and make more sense. It keeps the story simple. Or simpler, anyway. Even after this round, I'll do at least one more, then formatting. Then...putting on Amazon as an e-book. Paperback? I'd prefer it, but it costs so much more.

Moving on. My life seems to have gotten in the way of my muse, or the natural flow of the story. I get stuck because I feel like my life gets stuck. I get distracted with school work, relationships, parenting, etc. It's hard to get back on that river once you get off. Or drown. Luckily I've managed to somehow stay afloat but my raft is empty.

Sometimes in life you have to do what you have to do, or what you feel is right despite what others say is right. Listen to that tiny voice. It might be selfish but sometimes I just don't care. I can have the things I want, it doesn't mean I want certain people out of my life. We can do it together. I thought so anyway.

Do everything you can to keep your head above water. Fight for what you want because you are important too. You matter. Don't put up with anything less.