Sunday, August 7, 2011


Some of my best days are when I can just sit at my laptop with some coffee and write. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it's jagged and, well, unfocused.'s unfocused. So instead of forcing my toddler to take a nap (which doesn't work *ever*) I'm letting her watch a movie on the couch next to me. I'm hoping this will lull her to sleep.

Anyway my progress thus far has been, in a word, interesting. I have days where I have all these ideas in my head, and days where I literally have nothing. I have days where I think I've just written the most boring and uninspired chapter ever, and that surely no one will like it. Will anyone even like this book? Will people think it's boring or too wordy? Everyone is a critic, but I'm sure I'm my own worst enemy, as the song by Lit goes. There is a lot of competition out there, just like there is for any market, and it's a challenge to get people to think that yours is the best above all others. How am I going to do it? *thinks for a minute* I'll get back to you.

Where was I? Oh yeah, being unfocused. See what I mean? I need another cup of coffee, and I can tell that Ripley is looking very very sleepy....


Anonymous said...

As writers, we have to walk a fine line between absolute love and absolute hate of what we write. We have to love our work because, if we don't, no one else will. We have to hate our work so we can take out anything that bogs the story and the characters down, improving the narrative.

It's best just to write what you want to write. So long as you enjoy the process and the product, what else matters?

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