Friday, August 19, 2011

Those little "Aha!" moments

Ever have one of those at some random time during some random situation? I did today, except for the idea and the situation were totally related. I can't believe it took me *this* long to figure out. So my daughter and I got up before 8 today (usually it's after 8 before we're up) and I observed something that I had observed during the other times we were up earlier than usual. I found her to be slightly more stubborn and cantankerous, and less willing to listen to me than normal (which isn't exactly a *huge* change from what is normal). This always seemed to happen whenever she got up earlier than between 8 and 9, which I thought was pretty strange. It seemed like when she got up *after* 9, she was in a better mood.

this is me without proper sleep. Minus the bunny slippers.

And then it hit me. *DUH.* It's not her, it's me! I'm the one who is more tired, I'm the one who is more impatient with her attitude, and I'm the one who can't handle her as well as when I get more sleep.

Luckily, school starts Monday. I'll be getting up at about 7 every morning, and will be bringing her to daycare MWF. This will help her get into a better bedtime routine as well, which I am *thrilled* about. No more getting to bed after 10 p.m. for her! I hope anyway.

Moving on. This is not what this blog was originally going to be about. Well it was going to be about those magical and wonderful things called "epiphanies" and I just happened to have had one this morning so I had to share it.

So here is what I originally was going to talk about. I'm in my car, listening to Apocalyptica's "Not Strong Enough" on their album 7th Symphony. The song wasn't even over before I thought my brain was going to explode with a sudden breakthrough about a certain relationship between two major characters in the Ashehill Saga. I wasn't having really any difficulties writing, so I guess it wasn't a breakthrough so much as a great little twist in the chaos that is their relationship.

For those of you who do not know of Apocalyptica, I suggest checking them out. They play metal music with cellos. Who knew? They do instrumental, covers as well as originals, and songs with singers from other rock bands. (My favorite cover is an instrumental version of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters.) Not Strong Enough somehow is able to capture the theme of this relationship and also inspired the name for this blog (hint: it's all about obsession).

And if you are so inclined, and curious, here is a link to the lyrics.

I think that should give you a good idea about what you can expect from this saga. The theme of this particular song will not feature in the first novel, but in the second.

Here's to you; I hope you have an "aha" moment of your own. They are lovely.


Carissa Elg said...

I ADORE Apocalyptica! Not Strong Enough is also on my Pendomus playlist (for Traeton) and it's so freakin' awesome. (Though, it bugs me… hearts don't have knees… #justsayin! HA!)

Yay for lightbulbs and… less crabby kids. ;)

Dave Klimek said...

Wow, "its not you its me" can actually be related to kids? I thought I invented the "its not you its me" but I never thought of it that way! Can that explain why every night my kids drive me crazy - is it me instead of them? Naaaa

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