Friday, August 12, 2011

The process thus far....

Back in....oh let's say last fall...close to a year ago, my boyfriend found this video game on clearance at Target called Dragon Age: Origins, done by Bioware. It looked fun so we each took turns playing. Not only was it fun, adventurous, creative and addicting (this coming from a non-gamer), it was also inspiring. There are several specific story lines from which you can choose, and the second time I played (I've played thrice) I chose the human noble story line. This is the basis of the Ashehill Saga. I cannot give away too many details but if you are familiar with this game, then you'll probably know in what direction the book goes.

During the month long break from college, I began writing down names and descriptions of characters, names of villages, names for the country, and so on. It wasn't long before I began typing up the first chapter. Six pages in and my laptop crashes. For good. I started over once we got the new one, and oddly enough I prefer the newer maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

Now I didn't take any other plot lines from the game except for that very basic one, and then I embellished greatly upon it. Two characters are loosely based off DA characters (appearance, personality) but they are still very much their own person. Something strange happens once you start creating characters and a world...there are certain things I thought I wanted to do to a character (ex. killing them off) but then something happens and I don't have it in me. It's easy to become so totally attached, especially to my heroine, Vyla. I certainly don't wish evil upon her, but just has to happen. And oddly enough, it's out of my hands. Strange thing to say since I do indeed possess the control, but it's easy for the story to take on a life of its own. The characters evolve of their own accord. (Are you a writer? Then you probably know what I mean.)

Anyway, that's really how everything got started. And now I'm so close to finishing this first one. Initially, I only wanted one book, but a three parter seemed to flow better. Of course it could be one long book, but I'm writing like I prefer to read--shorter books, with lots in a series. I like my stories to be broken up a bit. The same can be said for chapter--I don't like reading long chapters, and I don't write long chapters (average 10-12 pages per chapter. Some more, some less).

The writing process itself has been fun but long. Often times original ideas I have never make it into the storyline, or are changed slightly. I worked on it when I could, since I was (and will be again soon) in school. When I wasn't in school, I was home with my daughter (and will be). I really only had a short window per day or per week that I could write. This summer has been a little easier, but again, I can usually only write for an hour or so, and somedays I don't write at all. Take today for example...this is what I've gotten accomplished.

So that's really all there is to it. I'll let you know once I'm finished!

p.s. There are zero dragons in my book.


Ashley Nixon said...

ohh! I know what it's like with the whole 'killing a character off' and then you just can't. Yep. Had that experience. Funny thing is, I cried when I thought he was gonna die!

I am also in the same boat with my chances to write. They are limited, and even worse in school! :( But hey! We're all writers, and we'll find time to do what we love.

Thank you so much for the follow!! I love your blog!!

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