Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Closer.

A few nights ago I wrote the last words of the epilogue in the Harrowing. "I wouldn't lose him again." The moment I was finished, I was like, Oh that's it! That's the end! And wasn't. I rewrote the last two paragraphs. And I still felt like it wasn't quite right, but that's what editing is for! Which is where I am now. Each chapter has been edited once, but lightly. Now I'm getting round 2 started and it's a lot more tedious. It's a constant refining, which is good because it helps the story flow better, and make more sense. It keeps the story simple. Or simpler, anyway. Even after this round, I'll do at least one more, then formatting. Then...putting on Amazon as an e-book. Paperback? I'd prefer it, but it costs so much more.

Moving on. My life seems to have gotten in the way of my muse, or the natural flow of the story. I get stuck because I feel like my life gets stuck. I get distracted with school work, relationships, parenting, etc. It's hard to get back on that river once you get off. Or drown. Luckily I've managed to somehow stay afloat but my raft is empty.

Sometimes in life you have to do what you have to do, or what you feel is right despite what others say is right. Listen to that tiny voice. It might be selfish but sometimes I just don't care. I can have the things I want, it doesn't mean I want certain people out of my life. We can do it together. I thought so anyway.

Do everything you can to keep your head above water. Fight for what you want because you are important too. You matter. Don't put up with anything less.


Carissa Elg said...

I hear you, girl! I'm 4 chapters away and I haven't dared attempt write that last line. Life has definitely gotten in the way and I'm hoping to regain a semblance of myself and my writing again soon.

Hang in there and keep at it! YOU ROCK! And I can't wait to read The Harrowing. :)

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