Friday, September 16, 2011

Awards! And A Few Thoughts.

Look look! Aren't these pretty?

I'd like to thank April Denton for giving these to me! She is an expert on everything zombies! Check out her blog and her Facebook! Congrats to her for selling her first book today!

So here's what I do:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you 
2. Share seven random facts about you
3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

1. Done!
2. Seven randoms
(1) I've been a vegetarian since I was 16 (that's 10 years!)
(2) I don't like vegetables (I'm trying to expand...)
(3) I have an innate need to rescue animals, even small things like frogs.
(4) I'm a closet DnD nerd.
(5) The first time I ever drank was when I went to London when I was 18, but it was legal!
(6) I cry at *everything* (movies w/ animals and kids especially, even if it's not sad)
(7) I like to put on my right shoe first.

3. So who am I giving this to? Well...
First of all my friend Carissa Elg! She's such a sweet and smart girl. See her blog and Facebook Author Page.

Second to Leif G. S. Notae. He writes fantastic short stories, and lots of other things! Check them out here.

Third to Andrew Kincaid. He is also a great writer and blogger! See his website and Facebook Author Page and go "like!"

Fourth is to Kendall Grey! She writes urban fantasy and is working on a short story for a horror anthology! Check her out on her website and Facebook Author Page.

Fifth and finally to Saronai! She has a beautiful blog and we both have a love for our pets!

Aaaaand I'm doing one more just because! This one to M. R. Merrick, author of Exiled, which I am currently reading and enjoying! Check out his blog, Facebook and buy his book here!

Whew that was fun!  On to other news.

So something has happened that I was afraid would happen, especially once school started: I'm in a writing slump. Seriously. Normally I have a constant movie of sorts running through my head about what I'm going to write next. Then I'll write it, feel better, and another little movie will pop up, and I'll write get the pattern. The problem is the last few weeks, my brain has been pretty blank. So now when I sit down, determined to write something, *anything,* I only get a couple of paragraphs done, and I don't really even like them. I used to get one to two chapters done per week, and this last one has taken me much, much too long.

I don't know if it's because I'm so close to the end, and I have some sort of anxiety about finishing it, or if it's because I'm running out of steam. I don't think it's the latter because I have lots of ideas for the next book. It's just getting there that is the problem.

Then there are the days where I just want to throw the whole thing away, and turn away from it forever. I feel like it's just a selfish hobby that sometimes takes up too much of my time, taking me away from other more "important" things. You know, like family. Like somehow my writing isn't something that matters, even though it matters to me. It's my own escape from things, it's what I do when/if I have "me" time. I've spent some time agonizing over my story because I don't always have the support that I wish I did. That's where my friends I've met come in, and the people who are genuinely interested in reading it. Seriously if I didn't have you guys, I wouldn't feel like what I'm doing is okay. So what I'm trying to say is....

Thank You!

Yes, YOU.